Operation Period:  Sat. 25th Jan ~Sun 8th Mar. 2020



Fancy a trip to Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo? Enjoy an excursion by bus with the Teshikaga Eco passport


If you buy the Teshikaga Eco-Passport, you can visit Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo.
You are sure to enjoy this fantastic trip


Excursion ticket details will be as following

2日券:1,500円 3日券:2,000円 5日券:2,500円 7日券:3,000円

2 days: JPY1,500.  3 days: JPY2,000.  5 days: JPY2,500.  7 days:JPY3,000


Ticket sales locations are:

①摩周湖バス車内 On the Mashu bus(第1便を除く Excluding the 1st bus)

②屈斜路バス車内 On the Kussharo bus

③摩周駅内観光案内所 Mashu Tourist Information Center

⑤川湯温泉内の宿泊施設 ※すべての施設で販売されていません。It is available in some of the main hotels in Kawayu-onsen. Though not available in every hotel in Kawayu onsen.

④ツーリズムてしかが事務所 Tourism Teshikaga Office



Please click on the map and on the timetable and a pdf will open in a new tab.

「屈斜路バス」「Kussharo bus route」

A JR川湯温泉駅 JR Kawayu-Onsen Station


When you get off at JR Kawayu-Onsen station, you can enjoy foot bath in the station and you can take a coffee break as well

B 硫黄山 Mt.Iou


Mt.Iou is an active volcanic mountain. You can’t climb the mountain but you can walk to the base. It is great scenery and you can see the volcanic gas coming out before your eyes. It is  like listening to the beating heart of the earth. Note. No2 return bus will be not stop at Mt.Iou

C 大鵬相撲記念館 Taiho Sumo Museum


Taiho Sumo Museum will be the final stop in Kawayu-Onsen. Kawayu- Onsen is a hot spring rich in sulphur. You can enjoy not only a stay at hotel but also a day return Onsen (Hot spring) There are some facilities such as Taiho Sumo Museum and Kawayu Eco Museum Center. You can learn various perspectives about this area.

D 仁伏 Nibushi


This is only a bus stop (get on and get off ). There are some accommodations in this area

E 砂湯 Sunayu



You can enjoy nice view from the lakeside. The sand beach of Sunayu is very interesting and fun because if you dig a hole, hot spring water comes up, allowing visitors to make their own personal outdoor onsen. Sunayu is also a great location to see whooper swans in the winter season.

F コタン Kotan


There is a mixed bathing of open air bath in the outside. You can see Lake Kussharo in front of you and enjoy Onsen as well. Sometimes whooper swans will be come in front of you

G 丸山 H 登音洞 Maruyama & Noboriondo



This is only a bus stop (get on and get off) There are some accommodations in this area

I 道の駅摩周温泉 Michino-Eki Mashu-Onsen


Michi-no-eki means a roadside rest areas for those who are driving across Japan. You will find a nice foot bath (natural hot spring), local foods, souvenirs, an art gallery and a tourist information desk here. You can take a break and relax here

J JR摩周駅 JR Mashu Station


It is possible to transfer to JR Abashiri, JR Kushiro, East Hokkaido express bus and Akan bus. There are restaurants and coffee shops near the station. If you have time before your connection for JR train or each bus, you can also take coffee break etc

「摩周湖バス」「Mashu bus route」


You can enjoy the scenery such as the Michi-no-Eki and the meadows covered in snow on the way to Lake Mashu. Lake Mashu’s 1st observation platform is at an altitude of 550 m. The bus will come up to Lake Mashu 1st observation platform, and if the weather is fine, you can see Mt. Oakan-take and Meakan-take out of the bus window

A JR摩周駅 JR Mashu Station


It is easy to transfer to Mashuko bus from JR train and Kussharo bus. There are restaurants and coffee shops near the station. If you have time before your connection for JR train or each bus, you can also take coffee break etc

B 道の駅摩周温泉 Michi no Eki Masyu Onsen



You can have a light meal and purchase souvenirs. There are tourist information center and gallery space, you can spend time slowly.

C 摩周湖ユースホステル前 Mashuko Youth Hostel


This is only a bus stop (get on and get off) There are some accommodations in this area

D 摩周湖第1展望台 Lake Mashu 1st observatory platform


There is rest house and bath room at Lake Mashu 1st Observatory Platform. You can eat light meals and buy some gifts in the rest house. Lake Mashu is a mysterious place, so if the weather will be fine you can see Mashu blue in the daytime. Even on cloudy or snowy days there is more mysterious charm than on sunny days.






If you buy the Eco-Passport, you can get same benefits as with the Eco Wrist Band.
For example: Day trip bath discount price or one free drink, etc
Please check the benefit details in the Teshikaga Eco-Wrist Band Map. Please show Eco-passport to major hotels, restaurants and gift shops etc in Teshikaga. Please use it and enjoy your time in Teshikaga.

手荷物お預かりサービス Free luggage storage service

お預かり時間:8時30分~15時 Storage service time: 08:30~15:00

お預かり場所:JR摩周駅内観光案内所 Storage service place: JR Mashu tourist information center

お預かりできるもの:手荷物に限ります。(貴重品、ペット、大型荷物などは不可) A small luggage only. Except valuable articles, Cash, Pets and large luggage

その他に弟子屈町内で利用できる路線バス Local Bus

摩周屈斜路周遊バス切符を提示していただくと、町内の路線バスの中でも「屈斜路線」「JR川湯温泉⇔大鵬相撲記念館」の2路線のバスにご乗車いただくことができます。Showing Eco-Passport, you can get on “Kussharo Line ” and “JRKawayu onsen-Taiho Sumo Museum Line” of the local bus.

阿寒バス路線バスについては↓からご確認ください。Please check local bus from below.

AKAN BUS - 阿寒バス株式会社

乗り継ぎ情報 (Connecting Transportation Information)

屈斜路バス1便往路 JR摩周駅 10:00着

Kussharo Bus NO1 Outward Trip at JR Mashu station 10:00(Arr)

①JR 網走行き 10:11発 For JR Abashiri 10:11(Dep)

②弟子屈えこパスポート 摩周湖バス2便 摩周湖行き 10:30発 Teshikaga Eco-Passport Mashuko Bus No2 for Lake Mashu 10:30(Dep)

屈斜路バス1便復路 JR川湯温泉駅 13:20着

Kussharo Bus NO1 Return Trip at JR Kawayu-Onsen station 13:20(Arr)

①JR 網走行き 15:47発 For JR Abashiri 15:47(Dep)

②阿寒バス 大鵬相撲館行き 15:55発 Akan Bus for Taiho Sumo Museum 15:55(Dep)

③JR 釧路行き 16:59発 For JR Kushiro 16:59 (Dep)

屈斜路バス2便往路 JR摩周駅 12:15着

Kussharo Bus NO2 Outward Trip at JR Mashu station 12:05 (Dep)

①JR 釧路行き 12:16発 For Kushiro 12:16 (Dep)

②弟子屈えこパスポート 摩周湖バス3便 摩周湖行き 13:25発 Teshikaga Eco-Passport Mashuko Bus No3for Lake Mashu 13:25(Dep)

屈斜路バス2便復路 JR川湯温泉駅 16:45着

Kussharo Bus NO2 Return Trip at JR Kawayu-Onsen station 16:45 (Dep)

①阿寒バス 大鵬相撲館行き 17:05発 Akan Bus for Taiho Sumo Museum 17:05(Dep)

②JR 釧路行き 16:59発 For Kushiro 16:59 (Dep)

③JR 網走行き 17:39発 For Abashiri 17:39 (Dep)

摩周湖バス2便 JR摩周駅 11:50着

Mashuko Bus No2 at JR Mashu station 11:50 (Arr)

①JR 釧路行き 12:16発 For Kushiro 12:16 (Dep)

②弟子屈えこパスポート 屈斜路バス1便復路 12:30発 Teshikaga Eco-Passport Kussharo Bus No1 Return Path 12:30 (Dep)

摩周湖バス3便 JR摩周駅 14:45着

Mashuko Bus No3 at JR Mashu station 14:45 (Arr)

①阿寒バス 阿寒摩周号 阿寒湖行き 15:10発 East Hokkaidou Express Bus Abashiri for Lake Akan 15:00(Dep)

②弟子屈えこパスポート 屈斜路バス2便復路 川湯温泉駅行き 15:45発 Akan Bus Akan-Mashu for Lake Akan 15:10 (Dep)

摩周湖バス4便 JR摩周駅 17:00着

Mashuko Bus No4 at JR Mashu station 17:00 (Arr)

①JR 網走行き 17:23発 For Abashiri 17:23 (Dep)

②JR 釧路行き 17:23発 For Kushiro 17:23 (Dep)


阿寒バス 東北海道エクスプレスバス JR北海道