Lake Mashu Star Watching Tour

Price: 2700JPY/person(until 31st/3/2017) 3000JPY/person(from -1st/4/2017)
Duration: Through Year
Time:19:30-21:00 (1st Oct.- 10th May)
   20:30-22:00 (11th May- 30th Sep.)
*Free Pick up from Kawayu Onsen
*Japanese Guide Only

Reserve(until 31st/Mar) Reserve(from 1st/Apr)
Halfday Lake Mashu Snowshoe

Price: 5000JPY/person(If only 1 participant 8000JPY/person )
Duration: 24th Dec - 31st Mar
Time:9:00-11:30 / 13:00-15:30(include picking up time)
*Free Pick up from Kawayu Onsen, JR Kawayu Onsen Station or JR Mashu Station
*Japanese Guide Only

Mashu Kussharo Sea of Clouds Tour

Price: 3000JPY/person
Duration: 1st June - 10th Oct.
*Free Pick up from Kawayu Onsen
*Japanese Guide Only


Access to Teshikaga

Sightseeing Buses in winter

Teshikaga Eco Passport (winter)

From JR Mashu Sta., JR Kawayu Onsen Sta., tour buses that run tourist spots of Teshikaga Town including Lake Mashu, Kussharo Lake and Mt. Iwo, and so on.
You can purchase Teshikaga Eco Passport at JR Mahu Sta. or in the car of Kussharo Bus / Mashu-ko Bus. Reservation is unnecessary.

Deails: Teshikaga Eco Passport

Akan-Mashu Line

It is a limited-time bus that connects Akan Onsen and JR Mashu Station.
From Mashu Sta. you can go around Lake Mashu and Kussharo Lake · Kawayu Onsen by using Teshiko Eco Passport.
The operation period will be the same as Teshikaga Eco Passport. Reservation is unnecessary.

Details: Akan Bus Co., Ltd.
※ There is a timetable in the PDF which can be viewed from "冬期阿寒摩周号の運行について" on the linked page.

Eastern Hokkaido Tour Sightseeing bus

It is a round-trip bus that goes from Sapporo to the main sightseeing spots of North and East Hokkaido.
If you want to sightseeing Shiretoko and Obihiro together with Lake Mashu, because there is Lake Mashu and Kawayu Onsen on the way of the Southern Route (12/25 - 3/13 operation) connecting Obihiro - Tokachigawa Onsen and Shiretoko · Utoro Onsen I recommend it.
Please note that there are conditions to use accommodation facilities in North and East Hokkaido area to use.

Details / Booking: Higashi Hokkaido Tourism Bus

White Pirica Line

Departing from JR Kushiro station, it is a guided tour that goes around the three lakes of Eastern Hokkaido (Lake Mashu, Kussharo Lake, Akan Lake) in one day.

Details / Reservation: Akan Bus Co., Ltd.

Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus

It is the site which covered the round bus information of Northern-Eastern Hokkaido area.
When planning a trip combining a round bus, it is convenient to see here.
※ Information on the Higashi Hokkaido Tourist Bus, White Pirica, Teshikaga Eco Passport, Akan-Mashu Line which is introduced above, is also included.

JR Twinkle-Bus Shiretoko Line was integrated to Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus.

Details: easthokkaido.com Higashi Hokkaido 2017 express bus
When traveling around Teshikaga / KawayuOnsen - Shiretoko / Abashiri, see the map of "B Area". If you are going around Teshikaga / KawayuOnsen - Kushiro, see the map of "C Area".

Access by Airport, JR & Bus

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport

Kushiro Airport ⇒ Kushiro Airport Shuttle Bus(About 45mins) ⇒ JR Kushiro station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 1hr 40mins) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen Station ⇒ Akan Bus(about 10mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport

Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ Memanbetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(about 30mins) ⇒ JR Abashiri Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 45mins) ⇒ JR Shiretoko Shari Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 45mins) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen Station ⇒ Akan Bus(about 10mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Nakashibetsu Airport

Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ Nakashibetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(about 30mins) ⇒ Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal ⇒ Akan Bus(about 1hr 30mins) ⇒ JR Shibecha Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 30mins) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen Station ⇒ Akan Bus(about 10mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

Access by car

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport

Kushiro city ⇒ R391(about 2hrs 30mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen
Kushiro Airport ⇒ 53 Line(about 2hrs) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport

Abasiri city ⇒ R244・R391(about 1hr 30mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen
Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ R243・52 Line(about 1hr 30mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Nakashibetsu

Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ 13 Line・R243・R391 Line(about 1hr 30mins) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen


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About Tourism Teshikaga

"Teshikaga Eco-machi Promotion Council" was established in 2008 to discuss tourism industry of Teshikaga-town with townspeople.
Tourism Teshikaga was then established to be economically independent business having a vision of the council "Boast our town, be proud of our town" to contribute to the development of the town by Ecotourism.